Image credit: NASA

Image credit: NASA

Selected Articles

Astrobiology at NASA

Meta Musings on the Origins of Life (Dec 2016). A workshop on the history and philosophy of origin-of-life research held at the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) in Tokyo, Japan.

Seeking New Insight into Life's Origin (Jan 2016). Scientists from a wide range of fields gathered to build a deeper understanding of life and its origin.

Nautilus Magazine

The Dawn of Life in a $5 Toaster Oven (Aug 2015). How a homemade piece of lab equipment is recreating chemical evolution on early Earth.

Astrobiology Magazine

Solar Storms May Have Stripped Early Mars of its Atmosphere (Nov 2015). New results from NASA’s MAVEN mission could help explain the mysterious disappearance of Mars’ atmosphere some four billion years ago.

Preparing for Alien Life (Nov 2014). At a recent event sponsored by NASA and the Library of Congress, a group of scientists and scholars explored how we might prepare for the inevitable discovery of life beyond Earth.

When Life Went Global (Jul 2014). Is a planetary biosphere necessary for the long-term survival of life? asks planetary scientist David Grinspoon.

Probing the Depths of the Methane World (Apr 2014). Biogeochemist Jennifer Glass studies methane-eating microbes at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Her work could yield insights into the evolution of life on the early Earth.

From Soup to Cells: Measuring the Emergence of Life (Mar 2014). Astrobiologist Sara Walker is exploring ways to measure the transition from non-living to living matter. Her approach could yield insight into how unique—or common—life might be in the Universe.